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HP P4000 (LeftHand) SAN Monitoring question

  • OH NO ITS MORE SNMP!!! Stick out tongue

    Our company just got 4 shiny new P4300 HP SAN solutions, and we would like to use Kaseya to monitor these devices via SNMP. I did my initial LAN Watch, and it found the IPs for arrays, but when I enable the SNMP community name, I don't even get a response from those IPs in the SNMP area. I know I will most likely have to hunt down the SNMP MIB/OIDs for this product, but does anyone else have any experience with this type of setup? Network Discovery can't come out fast enough in this case. Thanks!

  • UPDATE: Nice when a manufacture provides the MIBs for its product in its software install :) Time to try loading them into my K2 server and crossing my fingers.