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Monitoring HP RAID Hard Drives

  • I'm sure this has been discussed many times but I can't find a way to get this working...

    How do we get hard drive fail logs etc into Kaseya.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hello.  You need to ensure that on your HP servers that you have installed the WBEM HP drives from the latest Support Pack from HP.  Once installed, the WBEM HP agents pass the HP alerts to the operating system event logs.  From there Kaseya picks them up.  Has been working great for us.


  • Wow! is it as easy as that or is there more to configure?

    Many thanks

  • as easy as that. Install HP Wbem. then setup an event log monitor to pick up any issues logged.

    Exactly what we do, works just fine.

  • Thanks for this,

    Where can I get a list of event log IDs to monitor?

  • support.hpe.com/.../docDisplay

    We wrote a blog article on this years ago, but I updated it to include the new Event sets from the HP pdf.


  • What a gentleman,

    That saved me some time.

    Much appreciated