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Security Event Log Volume Sent to KServer

  • OK.......So plain and simple say I only want to alert on these two (1102 and 1104) SECURITY event logs.  If I set up this monitor set like this and apply to servers, so that truly mean that the Kaseya agent ONLY sends these two events when found from my agent to the Kaseya Server DB?  Or does enabling any monitoring on the SECURITY event log mean that the agent has to send ALL the security events from agent to the Kaseya server but then at the server my event set only alerts on these two?  I would not want to do any SECURITY event monitoring if the agents had to send ALL alerts to the KServer as this would just be too many incoming events.  But if it truely sorts out the events on the agent side and only sends the contents of these two specified events to the KServer, then I shouldn't have any issues. 

  • Monitoring does not require sending logs to the server....it used to way back but monitoring is now an agent function so you are good to go.

  • Great, Thanks!  We just had some long standing worries about this due to the past, so it is good to know that those issues should no longer effect us so we can properly monitor.