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SNMP monitoring and Windows 10

  • Hi to all,

    I'm trying to set up a snmp monitor for some network device and I'm struggling with agent snmp monitoring. 

    I did a discovery from a W10 machine in the same lan of the network object, and I got it in the list.

    So next step is to assign SNMP monitoring but .... this machine is not present in the list of selectable machines.

    We did it with other two machine (win7 and w2003) and they are in the list.

    Is it something know with windows 10 ?



  • Hi  

    I am not sure what you are referencing to setup SNMP Monitor, but the following point paper tends to be helpful;


    A Customer also wrote a pretty good write up below on using SNMP Monitoring:


    It sounds as though you have made some progress, this 'list' you are referring to is in Monitor > SNMP Monitoring > Assign SNMP Page?

    If this is the case, then it was not detected as an SNMP Enabled device. Is SNMP Enabled on this Win10 Machine? Does it have the correct community string?

    If you scan from another machine on the same LAN is this machine detected as SNMP enabled?