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Issues discovered by "Why Is Monitoring Not Working"

  • Why Is Monitoring Not Working

    Can be found here 


    "Why Is Monitoring Not Working" is an application made by kaseya to debug windows PERFORMANCE counters that are not working

    This application will identify a number of reasons why the monitoring is not working that are not "Kaseya" issues but issues with the machine itself.

    I have created this topic for customers to allow customers to share how they have fixed the various "Customer to resolve issues"


  • Cool

    Can you give us access to the link helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../99031407-Why-Is-Monitoring-Not-Working-

    As when I click the link I get "You do not have access to this topic"


  • There you go it's up now.

  • Thanks for the Application Micheal, has anyone over come the following two errors yet?

    TypePerf does not not return an Object of "Memory"


    The machine does not have the Object Counter "\Memory()"

  • just before that line it tells you which command it's running. Have you KLC'd to the machine and run that command and seen what the out put is ?

    it's possible the output will make the error more clear as in you might get a bunch of 000000\11111111111 instead of the object and counters OR you might Find the counters aren't in English but some other language

  • New EXE


    Added identification of counters that are not out putting their current logs to the agents current Working Dir.

  • New EXE


    Things stuck in the "events" folder were not being picked up correctly

  • Nice work, Michael, and thank you.

    I tweaked our copy a bit to fix typos and use built-in variables (such as the #adminDefaults.adminEmail# to save the tech a bit of typing), but generally it's working nicely and might help us resolve an odd monitoring issue we're facing right now, without having to pester Support.

  • The original download link is now broken.

  • HI Michael

    Can you fix this link :


    Seems to be broken or missing something off the end

    It's the link you posted to re re-installing Lua



  • Hi All,

    Just wanted to share a fix to an issue I had with perfmon counters that made me pull my hair out.
    We had a server with some counters not working while others were ok.
    Checking perfmon the Data Collectors for these counters were not created.

    When running the diagnostic we ended up with the logman process returning:
    "The parameter is incorrect."

    This was resolved by removing the file with the counter ID from the system directory:
    In our instance the perfmon counter should have been KCTR$1774 so we removed the following file:

    Following this we got a different error message from the diagnostic with logman returning:
    Data Collector Set was not found.

    Trying to create the counter with logman manually with the following command:
    "logman.exe create counter KCTR$1774 -c "\LogicalDisk(C:)\% Free Space" -si 1200 -o "C:\KaseyaTemp\KLogs\KLOG$1774.csv" -f csv --v -ow"

    Returned the error of:
    "Cannot create counter when the file already exists"

    After a lot of digging and a procmon trace it turns out there is a entry in the registry for the counters as well:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\Windows\PLA\

    Deleting the key for the counter ID from registry resolved the issue and got the broken counters working again.


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  • Hey boys and girls,

    We also were struggling with some server refusing to run counters.

    In playing with the Agent Procedure by Michael Dixon (MDwhyIsMonitoringNotWorking) it turned out it's now up to version 2.1 and we had to upgrade the exe file on our VSA as well as the procedure.

    A fresh look at this can be found here: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229034728

    There's a good chance you'll need to redeploy lua, the most current version of those files are here:


    Our issue wasn't found by version 2.0 of Michael's tool, it needed version 2.1 to discover our Kaseya folder was missing a 'Database' folder here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaseya\DGSSN-OurNumber\.

    Doing a Forced upgrade of the agent (now at cured that detail and monitoring was fixed by doing a Redeploy Lua and we all lived happily ever after (for about 15 minutes).... ;-)