In "Monitoring", I have Application Change alerts configured to email me all executable additions/removals. I've noticed over at least a couple of years where Kaseya will notify me either about the addition or the removal. Most of the time I believe I get both, but on occasion I notice that I get a "Removed Application" notice, but looking back I never received the "New Application" alert.

Today I received an email that "D:\Temp\XYZ.EXE" was removed from PC "ABC". I pay very close attention to these emails, so this stood out as I didn't recall seeing a notification that it was added. Note that the machines where this alerting is configured are highly-highly locked down and standardized, so I can be certain that "XYZ.EXE" did not exist prior to the last time the alert mechanism ran. Looking back through the "Monitor Action Log", I have only two alerts: one stating the application was removed, and another stating that the machine checked in for the first time. Again, I must stress that this application did not exist at D:\Temp\XYZ.EXE, because that temp drive isn't created until well after a machine has Kaseya installed. 

Are there any other known cases of Kaseya missing monitoring alerts? I also checked the outbound email log and couldn't find any reference that an email was sent. My primary concern is that because I'm sometimes missing either an application add or an application remove alert, that there are cases where I'm not getting either of them. That itself is distressing.