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Monitor Hyper-V Replication

  • Can any body advice how to monitor Hyper-V replication using Kaseya Monitor?

  • Hi Jon

    Not sure what VSA you are currently on...

    We are on V7.0 and the way we do this is to monitor the event log for 32315 or 32022 and then email/alarm from these events.

    Hope this helps :)

  • Procedure Email support if hyper V replication has failed.xml

    Just to give you an update on this.

    We now run an agent procedure every hour that runs a powershell script that will report back on the health of replication.

    I have attached this for you to use/modify

    As always.. If you make any changes or improvements please share this with the community to help make this the best we can.

    added XML
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