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Monitoring and Alerting Examples

  • My company has been using Kaseya for several months now and we feel as though were just scratching the surface in regards to what we can do with it. At the moment we have alerts set up so that an email goes out when a server agent stops checking in, and another on low disk %.

    However, I want to do more with monitoring and alerting so I ask the community, what are some good alerts to have/things to monitor? What are you currently monitoring in Kaseya and how is it working for you?

  • Hi  J_Dow

    I run a business, MSP Assist, that is a Kaseya Technology Alliance Partner.  We provide a commercial solution for those MSPs that want a comprehensive and easily configurable monitoring solution that includes:



    Monitors sets

    Other functionality relating to ticket management that are not available within the core product.

    If you are interested in a call or demo, please contact me:  steve@mspasist.com

    Kind Regards,


  • Sorry - should be steve@mspassist.com