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Pre-defined list of monitors

  •    This has been asked before but I am going to ask again. I have been evaluating RMM packages. I played a little with MaxFocus (GFI Max) and one thing I found to their advantage is that they gave you some nice pre-defined monitors. The basics. Memory Usage, CPU Usage, Low Disk Space, etc. There doesn't appear to be any pre-defined or import-able Monitors with Kaseya. Is that still the case? Isn't there a library somewhere that your can download and import Monitors?

       The one I am most curious about is determining if a server is down. How are people doing this with Kaseya?


  • There are quite a few pre-built monitors. The one you're looking for is a very simple monitor that lets you know when an agent is "offline". I apply it to my servers and know fairly quickly if they go offline for any significant length of time. I also have an alert that sends me an email in the case of a server restarting. It's very simple - it simply says that if the server Uptime is less than a certain amount to send me an email.

  • I must be missing something. I am sure I am but I don't see any pre-built monitors. You say the monitor for when an agent is offline is simple. It might be but I can't find it. Can you point me in the right direction?

    Where are these "pre-built" monitors?

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  • Hey, Ziggy32 - Go to "Monitor" then "Edit" then "Monitor Sets". On the right side expand the item labeled "Shared" and then "Kaseya Samples". You'll see quite a few samples in there.

    For the Agent Offline go to "Monitor" "Agent Monitoring" then "Alerts". On the right side where it says "Select Alert Function" hit the drop down and choose "Agent Status". It should be pretty self explanatory from there.

  • this is done in Kaseya using either templates or Policy Management.     I have continued to be an advocate of using templates for people just getting started, just to avoid the complexity of Policy Management.

    Once you get a machine setup with everything you like, you can create a template from it, and then use that template in the Deployment package to automatically assign (mostly) everything.  The things you will want to set are:

     -  Agent Offline Status

     -  Monitor sets to monitor Low Disk space

     -  Audit time and frequency

     -  Patch information (Group Membership, Scan times and frequency,  Patch Updates, and reboot policy)

     -  Script (Agent Procedures) to install/uninstall applications, create user accounts, etc.

    Kaseya does have a fair number of built-in monitors, but figuring them out how to apply them has always been trying for new users.

    We have some "Getting Started" videos on our ClubMSP site that don't require membership to watch.    They try to explain how templates and Deployment packages interact.

    As said, monitoring offline status is an alert, not a monitor.    You will want to set this up, and remember to make sure that you setup an email address to send it to.