Hi all!

I'm relatively new to Kaseya and have no experience with SNMP traps (I have 12+ years of desktop support experience, but not savvy on advanced networking stuff...as in I get what SNMP traps do, but I have no idea how to set them up).  Unfortunately, I've been tasked with setting up SNMP traps to monitor an Interlogix TruVision NVR 10, hosting 4 IP cameras that are connected to it via Ethernet cables plugged directly into it.  The fun part is, I have no one locally to help me with this (one of those "we know what we want, you need to figure out how to get it to work).  I haven't been told differently, so I believe the point of monitoring will be to ensure the recording is online and if possible, that each of the 4 cameras are online.

On the recorder, there's a tab for SNMP.  I've enabled SNMP V2.  Port 161.  Read community is public and the write community is private.  First question...am I correct in assuming the trap address and port is my kaseya server?

Second question...from my limited understanding, the easiest way is Kaseya needs a MIB file from Interlogix? I have been unable to locate one on the net and have not yet received a response from Interlogix if they have one to send me. 

Any suggestions on where I go from here?

Thanks in advance for helping a SNMP noob!