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New logical disk not added in monitoring

  • Hello,

    I've got the following situation:

    I've added a new logical disk to a server.
    Now i've noticed the logical disk isn't added into the monitorset. We monitor disk space with the instance *ALL. so every logical disk will be monitored. 

    I ran the possible audits, ran an update-list and also reapplied the policies. At this moment only re-installing the agent is a solution. 

    Does anyone found an another solution?

  • old thread - still a problem.  Re installing the agent is the only solution we have found, apart from manually adding specific drive letters to the policy to monitor.  I would have thought that if the audit picks up the new drives, monitoring should update for instance *ALL for logicaldisks.  It's caused outages for our clients as disks have run out of space that were added after the initial monitoring applied.

  • Hi Joe try running this.


    Also if you have an old version of Kaseya (6.5) adding a new drive wont be detected but in never versions (9+) it will. If it's not working in a newer version the above link should be able to tell you why