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Which Event Sets are newest: zz[SYS] or ZC-CM ???

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I am re-working the way we monitor event log entries and want to start only bringing through ones that match certain criteria. I see that Kaseya provided event sets but I don't know which ones are the most recent and/or are being updated. Can anyone answer this question for me?

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  • zz[SYS] was introduced in 6.3 I believe. So that would be the newer of the two.

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  • So if I were to set up event log monitoring to match specific events, I could use those to determine which events come through as alarms and/or emails?

    Do you know if Kaseya updates them regularly?

    Also, I noticed that they are marked with different severity levels. Would you have any recommendations as to which ones I could use or ignore? For example, just use the severity 2 or 3 items and don't bother with severity  0 or 1.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I also noticed a number of event sets which are labeled "...Windows Server (Core)..."

    Are these literally for Windows Server Core installations?