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Monitoring Adaptec / LSI RAID Controllers

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I have zero snmp experience and Kaseya support told me they have zero examples for any similar request, so I'm sort of stuck...

I want to monitor Adaptec and LSI RAID controllers for array and battery health.  I figured I'd use a script to push the CLI tool to the server, run the tool for a 'config' and save it to a text file, then use the Log Parser to look for certain fields and such so I didn't have to dig into snmp.  However, support couldn't get the Log Parser utility to work like that.

I've seen some posts with people who've made some dashboards with RAID status and such, but no... ah, supplied references or files or scripts or source for me to try and modify into my own environment.

I realize I'm asking for a handout here... but I'm sort of stuck. K support just pointed me to the help files for snmp traps, but most of these don't report to event logs so I can't just monitor that.

Has anyone built good monitoring for these sort of RAID controllers and would be willing to share some specifics with me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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  • Are these controllers in HP servers or another brand?

  • They're standalone controllers.

  • Unfortunately I can't share any of the scripts I wrote because its IP and it won't work unless you have all the required Custom Fields and dependent sub procedures. But I will share the commands I used to get the information you will most likely need.

    From my research these are the most common RAID controllers brands depending on the server hardware you use;

    • 3ware
    • Adaptec
    • HP/Compaq Smart Array
    • LSI Logic
    • Intel Rapid/Matrix Storage
    • Promise

    The only server hardware that I have access to at the moment are from HP and IBM which include the Adaptec, HP Smart Array and LSI Logic controllers. I used the FINDSTR command to filter the raw log files for key words as needed.

    I used the following WMIC commmand to identify the storage controllers;

    WMIC /OUTPUT:"#LOG#.txt" SCSICONTROLLER GET Description, DeviceID, DriverName, Manufacturer, Status

    I then executed sub scripts depending on the following key words:

    • Hewlett-Packard
    • LSI
    • Asaptec

    HP Smart Array controllers can be accessed with the "HPACUCLI" tool and is by far the easiest tool to use as you don't need to know what slot the controller is in. You only need the "hpacucli.exe" and "infomgr.dll" files if the HP Smart Array tools are not installed. To show the controller information I used the following command and filtered out what I needed;

    hpacucli ctrl all show config detail

    IBM servers uses LSI Logic and Adaptec controllers, you can use the "MEGACLI" tool on most of the LSI Logic controllers the exception being the "SAS 3000 series" controller that won't respond to it for some reason. Here is a handy link I found for the MEGACLI tool; http://erikimh.com/megacli-cheatsheet

    You only need the "MegaCli.exe" executable if the MegaRAID tools are not installed.

    To show the controller information I used the following two commands and filtered out what I needed;

    megacli -CfgDsply -aALL

    megacli -AdpBbuCmd -aALL

    The Adaptec controllers can be accessed via the "ARCCONF" CLI tool and you need the following 3 files for it to work ("arcconf.exe", "afaapi.dll" and "storarc.dll"). You also need to know what the controller number is, this can be done via the following command;

    arcconf getversion

    To show the controller information I used the following command filtered out what I needed;

    arcconf getconfig (controller number)

    Hope this helps Smile