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Monitor Sets and Windows server 2012

  • Hello,

    Wanted to check if anyone out there was using monitoring and server 2012. I have run into an issue where the counters stop collecting data(the counters are stopped in perfmon). Currently have a support ticket open for this.


  • Any luck with this?

  • HI Dram,

    The Kaseya Agent has built-in LUA Scripting which should restart any stopped counters.

    However, if there is something on these endpoints themselves that are preventing the counters from being started manually, the Kaseya Agent will not be able too either.

    A good method of testing if this is the case is by running the following command:

    'logman query'

    This will query and return any perfmon counters on these machines.

    Here is an example:

    A "logman start KCTR$XXXX" command can be used to try and manually start these counters.

    If there is any error, it should be indicated in the Event Logs > Application log stating the issue.

    Kind Regards,