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Exchange Database Size alerting

  • Has anyone ever found a way to monitor exchange store size, compare it to the maximum size allowed, and alert when it's at n% of the allowed size, including all versions of exchange, and installs with multiple stores?

    This is a critical need, yet I can't think of any solution myself, and have seen nothing here in the forums. We need this! If there's nothing out there maybe we can work together to make it happen?

    If anyone is willing to share what you're doing please do? I don't know how I'll thank you but I'll find a way. Case of mountain dew? Beer? Oviltine?

  • Monitor App log for Warning event ID 9688 with Source MSExchangeIS*.


    Log: Application

    Type: Warning

    Event: 9688

    Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store

    Category: General

    Description: Exchange store 'First Storage Group\Mailbox Database': The logical size of this database (the logical size equals the physical size of the .edb file minus the logical free space) is 245 GB. This database size is approaching the size limit of 250 GB.

  • I feel like the biggest idiot in the world. :-(

  • I've got an old script that did this . I'll did it up and post it here. I can;t recall how it handled multiple stores , and you'll need to recheck the logic as I haven';t used it for some time, but it would be a good starting point

  • Exchange.zip

    Here you go

    See if you can make sense of them ! ?

    There are 2 sets of Scripts , Labelled 1 of 5,2 of 5 etc.  each calling the next one respectively

    I used them to find the Exchange GUIDs for Private and Public Stores

    Worked out what drive the stores where on then how much free space these drives had

    The if I recall correctly , I’d then try and set the GBLimit and Buffer to a value approx. 20% above the current Used space on the drive , but also check it that value exceeded 100% of total space.

    And .. I think this only worked for Exchange 2003

    But take a look as it might offer some insight/value in creating your own script.



  • Thanks Paul! I'll go through it and I'm sure it will be helpful. You rock!