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Auto close alarms - "Server Online" -doesn't auto close

  • Hello,

    I've got a problem with the auto close "function" in kaseya in the monitoring part.  When a server shutdown, kaseya will create a ticket and an alarm to notify us. Our dashboard list flashes the red button under "system down". When the server comes online the red button disappears and becomes green again on our dashboard list. The ticket doesn't auto close, so we have to close it manually. 

    After that, a new alarm and ticket is created as "Server Online" - alarms. This creates a new red button on our dashboard list and shows that something is wrong, when it isn't. And the alarm & ticket doesn't auto close. After it comes online. 

    As you can see in the image, Kaseya has closed the "Agent Offline" -alarm and has created an alarm that is just saying "Agent Online". This doesn't auto close either.

    Anyone got a solution for this? 

  • How could the Agent Online alarm autoclose?  Only when the agent goes offline again?... I would just turn off the Online alert or make it append to the Offline ticket instead so it is kind of an informational part of the Offline ticket which got autoclosed.

  • But I still want to receive an e-mail that the server is online. Is there a way to take away 'Server online alerts' but still get the e-mail when the server is online?

  • You could probably have the Offline ticket send out an email letting you know it came back online.

  • Have it send an email, but do not check the "alarm" box.