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performance counters not responding

  • Hello everybody,

    I have a problem with monitoring the performance counters on multiple managed machines. As I assign a monitorset for a machine, which for example monitors the CPU % time or %free space on a drive, I can see the monitorset assigned and some xml files copied to the managed machine. However the counter does not start and is not creating any logs.

    As a result I do not have any file in the 'klogs' folder, where normally the counter logs are saved within csv files. In my kserver interface I sometimes see the monitorset as 'not responding' on the 'monitor log' page, but sometimes I do not see any assigned monitorset at all.

    does anybody of you have this problem also?

    I have already created a ticket with kaseya support, but want to know if you have this problem also.

  • Does the perfmon.exe application show any counters on the monitored machine ? IME when this happens, there is a slight chance that the performance registry is damaged and has to be rebuilt.

  • The perfmon.exe application does not show any counter at all. if it was a single machine, I could understand the risk of a damaged performance registry. However I do have this problem I think on half of my managed servers. I did not even check the workstations at this moment.

  • All deployed with the same image ?

  • Om not sure what you mean with the deployment image. I just have my monitoring not working.

    I even have machines on which is was working, but suddenly stopped. I can see this by checking the logfiles in the 'klogs' folder. They are just not updated anymore, as I can see in the contents and the last changed date of the files.

    when I remove all assigned sets and reapply them, the monitorsets do not start to monitor.