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Services Check, MSSQL and wildcards

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We want to monitor any MSSQL instances that happen to run on monitored servers. Usually instances are named like MSSQL$INSTANCE. So we create monitorset with Service Check "MSSQL$*" and use counter matching. It works but it also monitors services we don't want to monitor like "MSSQLServerADHelper"

So my question is why MSSQL$* matches to MSSQLServerADHelper?

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  • This is happening because $ is a wildcard also

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  • This is happening because $ is a wildcard also

  • Check out www.mspassist.co.nz

    We get around this with some custom scripting that allows us to ignore an alarm if it is for a specific service even if it is in the monitor set

  • Actually if you use MSSQL$$* it seems to work?