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Backup Exec Counters and Monitoring

  • I was wondering is there a way to setup a counter to monitor how long a backup runs in Symantec. I have event sets setup etc. I did some research on the forums and came across BE Engine, but does this counter actually work?, If so I would like some information on whether it works or not? I would like to avoid restarting the services everyday in case a backup is stuck, but the idea is to have this monitor alarm at the threshold and restart the services. Any help is appreciated =). I know you can set in symantec to end a backup after a certain amount of hours, but I can't always rely on this.

    Thank You,

  • Hello Patrick,

    In this case you could use the commandline to see the BE job status. You can use bemcmd.exe to return job status, jobs onhold etc. write down the status into a .txt file and read out that file.


    Advice as a systemengineer: you dont want to auto restart de BEengine. There is a reason why the backup is running longer. Try to fix that problem.

  • Are you aware of the Symantec BE Plugin for kaseya?

    This will not monitor the currently running jobs (although I think someone made a feature request for that to Symantec), but it will show you all the job statuses for the servers.

    Please check here for some more information


  • Thats a good solution as well but Symantec says it is not supported for 6.3.

  • I've integrated the BE plugin into our HD Live Dashboard - working very well and... showing 'missed backups'

  • Hello Sloeber,

    Which version of Kaseya are you using?

  • Hi Sander,

    We are still on 6.2,  but this will work in 6.3 as well.  We plan to move to 6.3 in 14 days time.

  • If you use BE Plugin this query will give missed backups.

    Your media server agents must run the collecting scripts everyday after backup schedules !!

    Just put it in an Excel sheet,  configure a SQL connection,  and it will output missed backups in the last 24 hours, joçbname and shows if media server agent is online

    Change the SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory.FinalJobStatus value to :

    missed = 9

    cancelled = 1

    failed = 6

    SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory.JobName AS Job, dbo.vMachine.Machine_GroupID AS [Media Server], dbo.agentState.online

    FROM         SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory INNER JOIN

                         dbo.vMachine ON SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory.AgentId = dbo.vMachine.agentGuid INNER JOIN

                         dbo.agentState ON dbo.vMachine.agentGuid = dbo.agentState.agentGuid

    WHERE     (SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory.FinalJobStatus = 9) AND (SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory.StartTime >= DATEADD(day, - 1, GETDATE()))

    ORDER BY SymBE.vw_symBE_JobHistory.StartTime DESC

  • Hello Sloeber,

    I've installed the plugin and it does work pretty nice on 6.3. Im curious if it is posible to see the active jobs too. I want to know which server has een active job.

  • Hi Sander,

    The plugin could tell you if a job if active,  since the data is collected with agent procedures.  Then you should run the procedures every x minutes,  which could influence performance,  I did not test this ....

    I do not know BE as such,  but if there is a process running on your media server and on your agent where the backup is running,  then it should be possible to capture this with a monitor set.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • Hello Sloeber,

    We have a test environment and im testing it now. Well let you know if there is any news.

    Testing the script is running every hour, if the performance is bad with this setting we should change the one hour to 4 hours.