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Alert When Gateway IP is Changed

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Has anyone made script or monitor that can send an alert when the machine's gateway IP address is changed?  A customer is looking to get notifications when laptops are taken out of their office and brought online.

Can this be done with Kaseya?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Should be pretty easy.

    You can store the connection gateway (available as the variable #vmachine.ConnectionGatewayIp#) in a custom field for the agent (or a local temporary file / registry key), then do a comparison on the current connection gateway, generating either a direct e-mail from the procedure or creating an event log entry you then monitor for and alert upon (my preferred method) if the two variables are not equal.

    I think you could create an agent status alarm for 'online' and then just set the alarm action to kick off your procedure when the agent comes online (making sure of course not to tick off the actual alarm or ticket boxes).

  • Ben, thanks for your help.  

    I created the script as you suggested, saving the connection gateway to a registry entry and then comparing, but the problem I am having is that it always tests as not equal.  I can see from my entries in the script log that the two values are the same.  Can you see anything that I am doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks for the suggestion.  It looks like my problem was user error, I didn't put #s before and after the variable name in the comparison.  The script is working, but I have one other problem.

    I currently have an alert configured on most of my machines to send an email when it has been offline 28 days.  When I configured the alert to run the script when a machine goes online, the previous alert is cleared, even when I choose "add to current list".

    Is it possible to set alerts to both run a script when a machine is brought online and to send an email is the machine is offline for a certain number of days?


  • can you explain more on what has to be done with creating a custom field?

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    Details on how to create a Custom Field can be found in the KB article here:  kaseya.zendesk.com/.../95658657

  • You could also create/use a Managed Variable for this instead wasting a precious Custom Field, which might actually be more suitable unless you have agents from a lot of different sites in the same machine group.

    Also currently, you can only report on 40 custom fields with the new Kaseya reporting, so you have to be very stingy with using them.

    The other benefit of using a Managed Variable for this is that you don't have to worry about setting the value for new agents as it is set per machine group.

    @Kaseya what ever you do please don't ever retire Managed Variables and if you don't mind could you please look into making it more user friendly to use please? #ILikeManagedVariables