Hi all,

I'm hoping the community can help me sort this out. Recently some changes were made to policies - changes to hard drive monitoring for servers, ticketing replaced emailing for some alerts, some monitoring turned off altogether.

Around that time we started getting a very large number of alarms for monsets failing to load. It's always the same two sets. I hope I can make this simple:

Monset 1- For servers only, is not applied to any clients.

Monset 2 - I have no idea what it's for. That's another part of the question - how can I find it?

I'm seeing alerts for Monset 1 failing to load on client computers. It's not assigned them to them anywhere.The file not found error makes some sense - it's not supposed to be there to begin with. So what I'm trying to figure out is why an unassigned monset is trying to load, and how can I track down the second one? Thanks.

Error message:

FAILED to create THEN step 4, Write File. Error = File not found, Source = C:\Kaseya\WebPages\ManagedFiles\..\..\UserProfiles\616832...\Monitor\KMON$2632.xml