Hey all.

I am currently trying to setup some level of SNMP monitoring, but there is something that's confusing me that I haven't been able to find any info on. So hopefully someone can help here.


I run a Lan watch, with the SNMP community set.

I go into Assign SNMP and click the agent the Lan watch ran on.

The following is then displayed:

Now my issue comes when you click the  button.

Essentially, I keep seeing the following:

I have 2 switches, both titled "24 Gigabit Port L2 Managed Switch". 1 of them has populated the OID values, the second doesn't.

I have been going through alot of machines in the last few days and the vast majority of devices show the above picture.

Is this normal?

My understanding is when the Lan watch is run, and SNMPWalk is initiated, and the SNMP OID values found are populated here.

If this is the case, why do I continuously see "The SNMPWalk object values have been cleared. The system will query the values again (approximately 2 minutes) .."

and why does it not refresh after the 2 minutes stated?

Little help anyone?