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How to suspend a monitor event alert set over the weekend?

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We have several of our servers monitoring backups by monitoring the event logs for the lack of a successful backup. This works great through the week however our servers don't backup on weekends meaning we come in on Monday morning to 2 lots of tickets (or 3 in the case of the recent bank holiday!) to clean up.

The way our alerts work in case it helps:
3 different Event Log Alert Sets (NTBackup, Backup Exec and SBS2008+ Backup)
Policy applied so that if the relevant event ID's does not occur for 24 hours it raises an alarm

The only way we can currently do it is to suspend all alarms for the weekend period which we would ideally not like to do. We were hoping that there was some way for Kaseya to look at the value returned by a script (one which will simply say if it is a weekday or not), and then either ignore or raise an alarm based on whether the server should be backing up.

Hopefully what we're aiming for and how it currently works is clear enough for people :)

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  • Hi Martin

    Take a look at our website www.enfusion.co.nz

    We have a method of controlling when alarms are generated by being able to define Windows during which alarms are ignored or processed

    Email me on paul@enfusion.co.nz and I can explain further if you're interested.



  • I know this isn't the answer you want to read right now, but in K6.3 you will be able to set or suspend monitoring for servers for specific times/dates by in monitoring or policy management.

    So simply said: When 6.3 is available, you can have these alarms set on mo-fr, but suspended on sat/sun.

  • I think the method used in 6.3 is to suspend ALL alarms in exactly the same way as suspend alarms works now except you can script the suspend/unsuspend .. so it would mean you get no alarms , ie no Offline , no Low Disk , No event or Monitor Set based alarms etc..... where as what I was suggesting is a means to suspend just specific types of alarms not ALL

  • We can already suspend alarms on a schedule using the usual method, as we only have a small number of clients out there this isn't too hard to do, but not something we want. As Paul pointed out below, it stops ALL alarms, something we could really do without.

    Paul, I've emailed you, but as we are a cloud customer, I expect you will be unable to help.

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  • Hmm, from what I saw in the Dutch Kaseya meeting last may, you could assign timezones to monitor sets.

    As I understood it it would work as follows:

    1. Create a monitor set for backup monitoring;
    2. make sure tickets are created when an event does not happen overnight;
    3. Set the schedule for this monitor set to run only on mo-fr;
    4. Assign the set to the proper servers.
    I could be wrong, but this is what was shown to me that day.
  • The problem is we're creating Event Log Alerts, not Monitor Sets. I can't think of a way to assign a monitor set to search for the lack of a successful Event ID. There might well be, however I've not been using Kaseya for too long!

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  • I think walteij  is referring to Service Desk. So if your Monitor sets etc create Service Desk Tickets , then you can within SD apply rules around SLA hours etc .. but this assumes you have and are using Service Desk

  • Yep, that's something we have turned off as we use Autotask.

  • No, as I understand, in 6.3 you can assign schedules on individual monitor sets or event alerts.

    So you can setup your event alerts, and then apply a schedule to them to suspend the alerts during the weekend.

    This can also be assigned using Policy Management, which means that you can create a specific policy to monitor backups, and have the schedule to suspend them during weekends automatically applied to all machines that are in the "backup" view.

    If that doesn't work you can also create a procedure to fire off when it would normally generate an alert. Have the procedure check for day of the week, and if it's not saturday or sunday have it create an alert (there's a new option to create an alarm in an agent procedure).

    The last option is something you can do now, but you'd have to have the procedure start a program that does nothing for 2 minutes, and create a new monitor to monitor for that process. If the program runs it generates an alarm, if it doesn't it won't.

    So basically, wait for 6.3, in which this should be possible. Or create an agent procedure to act as your scheduler proxy.

  • Raymond, I was briefly looking at the Agent Procedures with regards to weekdays yesterday, would it be the case of creating our own script which returns a true or false value based on the day of the week and then go from there? Or is there already a step in Kaseya we could use?

  • So I wasn't completely crazy and I was also paying attention during all those presentations ;-).

  • Yup, I'd create your own custom script to return the day of the week. Any which way is fine, as long as you can get the value into the procedure to use in an IF statement.

    Once you have a way to get the day of the week it's only a small step to get it into the Agent Procedure and have that handle the alerting.

    I don't know of a step in the Agent Procedures that can do this directly.

  • @Raymond Sagius re: Schedules for individual sets...

    If only it were so - it looks like we have to wait for 6.4 for individual time windows on that stuff.  See roadmap under: Agent-based Monitoring.  6.3 will get us "dependencies", 6.4 for "Ability to suspend individual alarms or monitor sets"


  • @martinold The answer is yes you can do it in Kaseya. Monitor > Status > Suspend alarm > Now you have to go tricky here; Select commencement date 01 Sep 2012 (being Saturday) and time, then select recurring every 7 days, Suspend alarms for 2880 minutes (means 48 hrs from time of commencement.

    Hope this will be helpful, Do let me know.

  • Suspending individual alarms is 6.4 but in 6.3 they are adding a field in the dialog where to set the action to take so that you can select a preset from a drop-down list that defines the destination and schedule for the email.  Using this you can define you 24x7 monitor sets and your 8x5 (or whatever you want) as a separate destination in the list and thus avoid non-emergency alerts after hours.   We're really looing forward to this update, today we have to let the non-emergency alerts to build up overnight and clean them up in the morning.