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Services Check Monitoring

  • I have a client who wishes for me to monitor specific services in their environment and alert them when one of them is determined to be not running.  The client does not want Kaseya to restart the service but only to report that the service is not running.  I understand how to do this by setting the restart attempts to 0.

    The issue I have is that the client also wants an alert sent when the service is determined to be running once again.  A "Recovery notice" per se.  I know how to do this inside of KNM and have configured it there but is there a way to do this via a monitor set on the agent itself?

    The reason for this is that the agent detects the service down and sends an alert immediately.  KNM relies on a polling interval and therefore allows for some lag time between the polling interval.  These are extremely sensitive systems and this client needs to know instantly when the services fail and when they are restarted.  30 seconds to this client is an eternity.



  • You can use Process alarms instead of Service alarms to alert on UP or DOWN status.

    The requirement of "no lag" is naive and unrealistic to expect from Kaseya. If the client must have real-time alerting, I would suggest looking at the Recovery tab of the service properties in Windows. You could "Run a Program" on failure for example.