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Easy way to assign a set to agents

  • Hi,

    I have a monitor set for each of the main AV products we encounter; one for Trends, one for ESET etc.

    Is there an easy way to assign the right set only to machines running that package? I mean, is there a way to say "IF running Trends assign EZ-TREND set" ?

    I thought about using templates but that would give us a lot of templates (currently we only use one standard workstation one) and would still mean assigning the right template to the right workstation manually.

    Any ways to script this perhaps?



  • I don't believe their is a way to script this...   You can however create a view for each of the virus scans suites you use (using the contains application (app.exe))- then apply the correct set to those computers..   This would save you a little time and headache..