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Create extra Alarm Columns

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Normally event log alerts are displayed in the events column when viewing the alert dashboard.


In the SNMP sets and the Perfmon Monitor Sets you can choose the colum (Group Alarm Column Name)


Is it possible to create extra Alarm Colums?

When this is done can is also specify that a certain Event Log Set creates the alert in the new column?


That way i can create alerts for AntiVirus and Backup in their own column.






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  • Edwin,

    Creating new Column names is achieved via Monitor>Monitor Lists> Group Alarm Column Names.

    Add in what ever columns you wish.

    I don't believe that there is a way to specify the column that Event Log Alerts get assigned to, they are fixed to the Event Log columns.


    This thread outlines ways that you can monitor an executable to add alerts to a specified column.

    Hope this helps