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Event Log Alarms to Different Alarm Status Columns

  • I remember a post a while back where someone was running a dummy executable when a desired Event Log Event occurred, then had a monitor set looking for that process running in order to generate an Alarm in the appropriate Group Alarm Status Column. Is this still the best way to do this? Can this (dummy executable) be done with a VBscript? How does it create a different Process other than Windows Shell Script? Can someone post one of their dummy executables?



  • dummy1.rar

    Dont know if you still need it, but here is a dummy .exe file.

  • The thing is to look for a Event, when this event is found in the eventlog you need to start a procedure to copy the dummy.exe to that machine and run a dummy.exe on that machine. After that you need a monitor set witch looks for that dummy.exe and triggers a alarm on a custom Group Alarm Column.