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RAID Status Report/Monitor

  • Hello all,

    I am currently monitoring Raid status using event log alerts checking for vendor specific events.  This seems to be working fine for the monitoring portion, but one of the owners of the company I work for wants to get a report and/or dashboard view where we can look at Raid status.  I was wondering if anybody out there was doing something along these lines, and if so, how were you accomplishing this?

    Also, are you monitoring OpenManage/HP Sever Admin to make sure that this is writing event logs normally?  Any good way to do that?

  • Hi Patrick,

    We are in the process of doing exactly what you're talking about, except we're doing it on a much larger scale.

    We're monitoring a whole bunch of events from the Windows logs (some dumped in by OpenManage/ServerAdmin, some by BackupExec, etc, etc), and this is what we do with them:

    The specific events we're interested in get transferred into a new DB alongside our ksubscribers DB within MSSQL. Then we have a series of reports built in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) that can show us exactly the data/values we're interested in. We're using a combination of the Business Intelligence Development Studio (included with MSSQL) and a web-developer guy.

    Now if you don't have access to these resources, i know for a fact that you can produce perfectly good reports customised to your needs using nothing more than MS Access for complex reports, or MS Excel if you just want to show some pretty graphs. Both of these will connect to a SQL database with no problems.

    We also use ConnectWise in our company and we're doing exactly the same with this DB - producing our own customised reports.