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Exchange 2010 Detailed Monitoring - Works locally, not in Kaseya

  • Exchange 2010 Full Monitoring.xml

    We are trying to monitor some specific counters from Exchange 2010 but they don't seem to work when i put them into a Monitor Set - if i create each one manaully on the Exchange box they work fine - so why not in Kaseya?

    The XML with the monitors is included with this post. Could someone have a look and tell me if i've been very stupid and done something wrong, or if it's just the Kaseya monitors not connecting to the object?

    Thanks, Carl.

  • do you do an update list by scan on the Exchange box from within Kaseya - Monitor Tab.

  • Yes i've tried the Update List by scan button, have also tried unticking the Enable Counter Matching box.

    I've actually had some luck with this since posting... It seems there is a problem if i have too many counters where the name starts the same.

    For example:

    Exchange 2010 Services Monitoring

    Exchange 2010 Performance Monitoring

    Exchange 2010 Test Monitor

    Exchange 2010 Full Monitoring

    I've moved some of the counters from the "Full Monitoring" to the "Performance Monitoring" set i'm able to get the counters to start collecting data.

    Very weird!  I spent most of last night rebuilding, importing, creating new sets... i tried everything.  But this is the only thing that works - putting the counters in a monitor set that already exists.

    (and yes i also tried different browsers both on my PC and directly on the KServer)

    Happy days!

  • Actually, i've completely mucked it up now because i can't even get the counters to start!

    Kaseya is completely ignoring anything i tell the machines to do when it comes to counters. Nothing in the Pending Procedures list, nothing happening on the agent/machine, but everything else is working fine.  Looks like the monitors are broken once again.

  • Try restarting the Kaseya Agent on the server?

  • Yep. Also tried killing the processes on the server  but that didn't help. Also restarted the performance counter services. Still can't get them working... Probably have to reboot the whole server. Oh what fun this is!

  • Exchange 2010 Counters.xml

    Well i think i've found the answer girls and boys - but i'm not sure if i'm right...

    I rebuild the monitor sets (again) and this time added the counters and services one by one to make sure there wasn't a problem with a specific counter/service. There was none. To my surprise they started working when i added them.

    The 'only' difference this time is that i added descriptions to every item - not sure why this would make a difference but it does seem to have worked.


    I've included the working files here so anyone else can use them - we find them quite useful although you may want to adjust the threshold levels as the ones i've used here are strictly for debugging purposes. Microsoft have pretty good documentation on the performance counters for Exchange 2010 (and SQL too!)


  • Exchange 2010 Service Monitor.xml

    And here are the services we wanted to monitor - i built these into their own set so we could configure different alerts.

  • Nice catch on the descriptions thing. Sounds like we need a "feature request" on that one.