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LAN Watch returns no results

  • Hi all, I have a Windows 2008 R2 server running Kaseya Agent. I set Lan Watch on it to scan the network ( It returns no results, even though I know my sonicwall at has snmp enabled.

    I have used Paessler SNMP Tester to check that the Sonicwall is responding normally, so I'm pretty sure the issue is with LAN Watch.

    I have confirmed Java is installed on the server (I saw some other topics where that was the issue) and don't see any errors in my event viewer.

    So two questions:

    1. Does Lan Watch keep a log anywhere that might point me to an issue?

    2. Does anyone have any other ideas for what to check?

  • Correction, LAN Watch returns no SNMP enabled results. It does see the sonicwall if I go to view LAN Watch results under the agent section and have it show me all results.

  • I installed PRTG on the machine with the agent and it was able to pull snmp data from my sonicwall with no issues. I'm currently looking at the live traffic data from it.

  • Obvious question, but did you set the right SNMP community string?