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Monitor CPU Utilization in monitor set

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Hey guys, ive just been getting started with creating my own custom monitor sets and my first task has been to make a general system status monitor set so that way it will track free space on HDD's, memory utilization and processor usage.


now, ive got the first 3 parts done and they're working properly, my only issue is with monitoring the CPU utilization, i've tried looking under all of the Processor objects and it hasnt been able to successfully pull data from it yet.


what am i missing? 



that's what im currently trying to use, but it's unable to pull data from it.


ive also got the collection threshold to start gathering data when it has a value above 0.


any help would be much appreciated, thanks!


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  • i think you want this if you can't see this you need to run an "update list by scan" first