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Ignore Alerts Around Machine Reboots

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Is there any way I can configure Kaseya monitoring to ignore event log alerts within a certain amount of time after a reboot?  Specifically I would like to ignore services monitoring and event log alerts.


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  • suspend alarms ... is the only way.

  • I have this problem as well. My alerts go Bezerk on patch night and I would like to avoid recieving these alarms. But in the scenario if I had a drive failure or a server went offline during that windows I want to know about that. This should be improved. Feature Request?

  • Ben LaValley recently added script steps for "Alarms - Suspend" which we can use as pre/post steps to the patch reboot or even Automatic Updates itself. That is the best way I know of to handle this issue.

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  • More info in this thread: community.kaseya.com/.../72254.aspx

  • We've also developed a method that allows suspending individual alarms at predetermined times .. ie not ALL alarms are suspended but only those that you need to ignore instead of them all.

    Send me an email and I'll explain further