Hi everyone,

I've been trying to add a counter to a monitor set to watch all instances of a Network Interface for traffic, with no luck. I believe the *ALL instance is supported in this case. Can anyone confirm or deny that?.

Anyways, I've added the *ALL instance to the Network Interface object, then added a counter to the monitor set. The counter shows in "Live Counter", with no results, and does not appear in the monitoring log at all. On the server being monitored, the monitor set appears in the c:\kworking folder, but the xml file is missing the counter. See below.

I have confirmed that ID #1830 is the correct monitor set. If I check Perfmon, there is no data collector. I can, however, check the Network Interface object, and get results using the <all instances> option. See below.

For testing purposes, my collection interval was set at 1 minute, threshold at -1, counting on total bytes/sec, just to ensure that I would get some results. Things that i have tried include:

  • Reassign Monitor Set
  • Create new monitor set
  • Delete monitor set xml files and any existing data collectors on the endpoint
  • Assign other monitor sets/counters using _TOTAL, *ALL and specific counters, other objects worked as expected
  • Update lists by scan
  • Reapply schema

After all that, I did create a counter specifically for the instance highlighted in my Perfmon screenshot, which returned results, which leads me to believe that there is something wrong with my *ALL instance for Network Interface objects. Perhaps the *ALL instance is not supported for NICs?

Any help is appreciated.