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Processor time and finding the process that is causing issue

  • If your monitoring your server for processor utilization and you get an alert that your processor is 100% for 30min... how could you automatically find the process that is causing this and kill the process, all within Kaseya?   I am a newbe  so any help would be appreciated..



  • salute menark,

    We use a script that retrieves all the process/services that is started/in use when the cpu is above 85% for 15-30 min. Every time the processor utilization is making a automatic ticket, we use 'get file' to open a .txt which show us the proces/services with the cpu (its like looking in 'task manager -> processen'.

    This .txt or function 'get file' can only be used when the automatic ticket has been made...or else we would be getting cpu.txt the whole day ;)

    Im sorry menark but  i dont know how to make one :s

  • technet.microsoft.com/.../bb896682