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Symantec Exec Absence of Job status

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Backup Exec produces event logs that are usually states the job's status (success, failure, completed w/ exceptions, etc) While I am monitoring and logging those event IDs I recently ran into a scenario where the job was not producing any event ID. I was wondering if it was possible to in the absence of a Job status event, alert/email me using agent monitoring. I have been working with the kaseya software for a few months now but I am running into a speed bump with this. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated, Thanks!

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  • "I recently ran into a scenario where the job was not producing any event ID"

    Can you provide a bit more info? Did the job produce a log file? Were any of the services stopped or hung? Was the job waiting for input? Etc...

  • You can alert on the absence of event ID's from Monitor > Alerts > Event Logs. You'll need to create an event set with the completed event first. Also, Backup Exec might need to be configured to write the event from its Alert Categories window.

  • The Job was waiting for for someone to put in a different backup tape. Even though the job had a maximum duration for the run time, the job never failed. None of the services were stopped or hung. The Job never produced a log file while it was waiting, but once the job was canceled by the user then an event came in. I am looking to avoid this situation in the future by alerting me only in the absence of a success or failure.

  • As SMason suggested, you can configure Backup Exec to alert on an "Media Insert" request (mine is set to send me an email when that event happens). That may solve the issue going forward.

  • I am testing this tonight but from what I have read about event sets was that: "A match of any one of the conditions in an event set is sufficient to trigger an alert for any machine that event set is applied to"  

    I could have an event set created that alerts in the absence of fail or success IDs, but according to the statement above, my problem is: When there is a successful job, My event set is looking for the absence of a success or a failure. My event set sees the success and passes over it. It then checks to see if there is a failure (or a success with exceptions, or a job exceeded maximum run time, etc.) So then it alerts/emails me saying that it hasn't heard if the job failed (or any of those other variables that didn't happen). Which, while true, isn't a needed alert/email because the backup job ran successfully. So i guess what i am looking for is a conditional event set monitor or a way to produce a conditional monitor.

  • I will definitely set up that insert media alert. That is an excellent idea i didn't think of. Thank you Zippo and Smason for that suggestion!

    I am thinking that there has to be a way to conditionally monitor the machine in the event that backup exec is waiting and doesn't produce a message. But maybe not.

  • I don't know of a way to do what you're asking but you can also set Backup Exec to automatically cancel a "Media Insert" request which will cause the job to fail and an event to be written to the event log. Then, if you're monitoring the log for Backup Exec job failures, you'll know that it's failed.

  • Thanks Zippo, I really appreciate the input. :)