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Vmware Monitoring - Both hardware and the vmware platform - What are people doing? a big hole in our monitoring portfolio

  • HI Folks,

    We use K2 and we have been using intellipool also (testing purposes)


    The big issue we have is that every large customer we take on or go to take on now use vmware and some have multiple hosts running many vm's.


    The issue is that Kaseya nor intellipool have anything to monitor vmware - yes with old school vmware ESX full you could use some SNMP to monitor the hardware then we had the possibility to monitor the hardware via ILO but even in the new ILO this seems to have changed.

    ESX now uses WBEM which kaseya nor IP use and as ESXi has no service console there is no snmp capabilities.

    Then on top of this there is the need to actually monitor the vmware platform, datastores / host memory / cpu etc - vm status UP / Down.

    We have been looking at nimsoft as they do have a good vmware platform monitoring tool although they too don't do anthing for the hardware monitoring.

    Does anybody have a solution for this? work arounds etc...





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  • Michael,

    We have faced the same issue and have found a good solution leveraging Veeam's Monitor free edition (www.veeam.com/esxi-monitoring-free.html)  It can monitor multiple hosts or a vcenter environment as needed and the benefit is that once you spend the time creating a monitor set which you want to alert on, you can export and import into your other installations.  

    It definitely doesn't integrate to give you the single view through K, but we have it setup with our service desk to at least alert.  What we are looking at now is whether we can now integrate the veeam monitor with the intellipool solution although we are just beginning down this path.

    Our primary focus is to be able to know when we lose a drive in a raid set, fan, etc and this has done a good job so far.  Just be careful on what you alert on as it can get rather noisy.  Oh and it also gives you the ability to create some high lever reports and trending information to provide clients with planning and scaling environments where needed.

    The install does require a msde db, but we have found it to be a very small foot print, and its even possible to install on someones workstation so its offloaded from the virtual environment.

    Take a look and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Hi Bryan,

    Yeah I have been trying to not use another local product, we are a veeam partner and I have used it but we also have HP SIM running and it just ends up having multiple points of failure. We have discussed in lenght about the possibility of using it and while it is on the table I am trying to keep it as a last resort - I suppose in the back of my head I am thinking I would rather not use Intellipool and use another product to closed the gap on SNMP and vmware and hardware as a package and then use kaseya for the other bits - otherwise we end up using kaseya / intellipool and nimsoft.

    Its actually quite frustrating I must say that these tools really are not keeping up with the technology.

    The other point is Veeam Monitoring free not restricted to 7 days worth of data? Also it does not do snapshot alerts - so I assume you are using the full version no?

    but thanks for the comments good to know I am not alone :o)

  • Michael,

    Yeah, I understand your concern with the different solutions running.  Unfortunately there isn't a good solution that we have found to get around this yet....I was very hopeful when they originally posted the 6.0 roadmap as it had a vm module that would not only monitor but also allow you to control the vm guests, etc.  Given the API's that vmware has available even for esxi, I am a bit surprised that nothing came of it, but I have not heard a word regarding it in quite some time.  We rarely place a server onsite anymore that is not virtual creating even more pain for us and with the removal of snmp, options are limited.  

    There are command based solutions to query status but then your reliant on the query running and no where near real time.

    Maybe someone at Kaseya has some input on what happened to the vm module and if we will see it in a future release.

    As far as veeam goes, we are on the free edition and have reports setup to email weekly and then leverage those for planning purposes.  Will keep you updated if we run into something better!

  • This is the exact reason that we avoid VMware.  We have almost no VMware installation and go with HyperV instead.  With hyperv we can do all the normal Kasaya stuff with no limiations.  i have some scripts that allow me to poll for RAID issues, etc.  So far all works well.  but I know there is a day when a customer will demand VMware, then what???

    This is a big hole in the Kaseya infrastructure IMO.  it should be plugged as a matter of priority.  

    if anyone figures this out, please post it here.


  • My company is a big proponent of VMWare, and we're struggling to monitor effectively.... we're lucky to have all systems (thus far) able to report to a more centralized location (for hardware faults), and tend to have dedicated systems at each customer site for monitoring the VMWare system (So we can access the console in emergency situation), however, dedicated "proper" monitoring is somewhat lacking.


    Would love to see some proper response from Kaseya w/regards to timeframe for implementation.  VMWare is running on a customized linux backend, can it not have even a basic simple monitoring applied / running (without affecting VMWare Client performance) ????

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  • Would be nice, if Kaseya could give us some feedback...

    What I know is, that they are planing something for KNM (Intellipool) ...

  • We have just a handful of VMWare sites but are planning on deploying more.  I alredy have snmp monitoring for the hardware, and was hoping to use snmp to also monitor VMWare basics - cpu, memory usage, snapshots, etc.  Does anyone have a VMWare snmp set they care too share?

  • Best of luck with that Eddy, ESXi does not support SNMP and since VMware are only supplying ESXi now might be wasted effort... although am sure there is still lots of old schoolers out there.

    Also don't think you can monitor the likes of those bits using SNMP think you have to use the VMWare CIM.

    could be wrong though - see communities.vmware.com/.../managementapi

  • just found this which makes me thinkg


    I wonder could we just use another server or virtual machine install powershell and do basic monitoring from there - I know with vmware power-cli you can check snapshots virtual machines statuses etc...

    Maybe run scripts every X minutes and then output to files and monitor those files.

    Ugly as sin but might fill some of the gaps - question is what the amount of effort required.

  • haven't tried it yet on ESXi, but from from what I gather ESXi 4.1 still supports snmp, as long as it is a licensed version and not the free hypervisor - blog.vmpros.nl/.../vmware-esx-and-esxi-4-1-comparison

    "VMware ESXi supports SNMP when licensed with vSphere Essentials, vSphere Essential Plus, vSphere Standard, vSphere Advanced, vSphere Enterprise, or vSphere Enterprise Plus.

    The free vSphere Hypervisor edition does not support SNMP."

    Checking for snapshots is important - we had a client accidently create a snapshot on a hyper-v VM once, and of course it then ran with the snapshot for several weeks until we got low disk space alerts.  We now have a script for Hyper-V servers that we run once a day to see if there are any snapshots it alerts s (actually it waits 4 hours first to see if the snapshot is removed and then alerts us).  Would be great to be able to script something like this for VMWare in powershell.

  • further investigation shows esxi 4.1 only has limited snmp support (I think this means traps only, not gets), but esxi5 will fully support snmp.  So I might stick to using esx 4.1 until switching to esxi5.

    I did manage to put together a very basic snmp set using quick set in kaseya, but it doesn't give much userfull info.

    Would be nice if the big K could chip in with some SNMP sets, or even some scripts.  Better yet would be a VMWare add-on module - I would be happy to pay to see this included

  • Is there a possibility that Kaseya support give us a response to these postings?

  • I wouldn't mind a response from Kaseya on this either.

  • We use a product called logicmonitor, www.logicmonitor.com for the hard to monitor devices(NetApps, Vmware, Linux, True SQL Server Monitoring). We virtualize all servers with esx even if we are only running a single VM. My biggest fear was always a hard drive that fails and we dodn't get notified. You do have to make sure what ever hardware you are running ESX on that you have the CIM agent installed. It will give you the same data that you see in the vi client under server health. Seeing up HP insight manager to alert is a joke...it doesn't scale accross clients and doesn't allow you to easily change thresholds. We also like the ability for to get disk latency reports and memory swap reports. Anytime you are having a performance problem it has been very helpful to know that it is not disk taking too long or memory swapping due to over subscription over memory.