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FTP Connectivity - Site Monitoring

  • Hey Kaseyans -


    I'm trying to figure out a way to monitor an FTP site in my organization, and I am hitting a brick wall with it. Ping checks wont matter, because the site will respond to ping even if the FTP site is stopped. The FTP service also is still running globally if the site stops, and when I try to setup a External System Check - Port Check through Kaseya for port 21, it never alarms, even if I kill the site. Does anyone else have this situation and have an idea on how to use a monitor set or alert to monitor for this? I feel like I am missing something on how to check it, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Happy Monday!



  • Don't know how I feel about being called a "Kaseyans", anyways to get to your problem.

    I have tested this from my end and can confirm that I get failure alert when I monitor port 21 on a machine where port 21 is not open. Could it be that the port is still open on your FTP server even though you have stopped the service?

    The easiest alternate way I can think of to test FTP access is to make a very tiny file on your FTP site and write an Agent Procedure to download that file using the "GET URL"  command. Remember to use the following format if you require authentication to access your FTP site: ftp:\\(username):(password)@(myftpsite)

  • Another way to do it might be to use a procedure to telnet to port 21 on the ftp server in question and send the output to a text file to parse. A successful telnet will give you "220 Microsoft FTP Service" and a failure will output "Connecting To ftpservername...Could not open connection to the host, on port 21: Connect failed".

  • @HardKnox - Yeah I know the Kaseyans part is a little corny, just fun to say :) And to you and @zippo, those are both excellent ideas, I am going to work on giving them a shot right now. I am fairly certain that port 21 DOES stay open, even though the site goes down, due to our web devs coding it that way. I will give both of these methods a shot, and if they work I will post them up (giving you both credit of course :)) Thanks to you both for the suggestions!