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Monitor network object with Ping

  • I am using the IT center and trying to find a way to monitor a network object with a ping for UP/DOWN notifications. I have setup an agent procedure currently but it seems a bit complex to have to setup one for each address I need to ping. Is there an easy way to do this?

  • I am assuming that the IT Center layout is the same as the MSP version (MSP is what we have). If so, go to Monitor> External Monitoring, System Check and setup a ping alert there. You can set thresholds for ping check to run and how many failures before alerting.

  • Don't see the External Monitoring, or I need new glasses


  • Perhaps that is a functionality not built into the IT Center version? If that is the case, I think using the procedure as you already are is the only method. Maybe someone else with some knowledge of that version can chime in