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Group online alerts

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When multiple servers within a group go offline at the same time (say internet has dropped) we will get one message indicating servers in the group have gone offline. However, when the servers come back online, we get an individual message for each server. Is there a way to configure the online notification to behave in the same way as the offline?

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  • Also seeing this problem.  I remember going to a training in Seattle and was told this was fixed in Kaseya's Service Pack for K1.  We waited and went straight to K2, just to find this issue still has not been fixed.  Please update or let us know settings that need to be changed to fix this issue as it is annoying to get 100+ pages when our main site loses internet and all agents check back in individually.

  • How is there still no update?  Does Kaseya not watch their own forums?  No wonder certain things still aren't fixed.

  • Hello, do you have opened a ticket to raise this case to the customer service?

    That's the first thing to do even if you discuss about this on the community.

  • FYI that this was my response from support: "I just confirmed with one of our monitoring developers that we do not have a "group on line alert". The way your system is working is the current design. In other words, we give a group offline alert, but online alerts are all individual."  I have responded with a proposal of how I'd like to see an "online grouping" alert function to work if Kasey was to implement one.

  • Any update on this?  It would be a helpful feature