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Live Monitoring that looks good and is effective

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I'm looking for feedback on how the community handles monitor boards.  To elaborate, we bought six big TV's to put fancy stuff on.  It needs to look sharp for customer tours and it needs to show valuable information.  I'd like to start with something that shows all of the servers offline.  I have made the view and the view works, but I'm wondering how you put it into a displayable yet functional screen that you don't have to manually refresh.  I'm tinkering around with the dashboards, but they seem to be lacking a lot of customization.  Any thoughts?

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  • The long story short is that the Monitoring screen is shockingly bad.  K have been promising an update for some time but they have gone very quiet on that front lately so I'm not holding out much hope.  Many (inc me) have built our own custom screens the pull the info from the database and otherwise have nothing to do with Kaseya.  its a shame that we have to do this but at this stage there doesnt appear to be a whole lot of other options if you want something really good.  Some info here: community.kaseya.com/.../10758.aspx

    Good luck.  I'll watch this thread with some interest.  I'd love for someone to have an alternative.

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