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Strange Issue - Monitor Assignments Cleared?

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Had something weird happen to me a few days ago. Noticed that I was not seeing as many alerts as I normally no, whether they are just normal CPU alerts for machine loads and the like. When I happened to go into the Assign Monitoring area, I saw that all the agents in Kaseya had their monitoring assignments CLEARED. I scrambled to apply all of the custom monitor sets, and canned ones as well, and there was really no harm done, but has anyone else seen this happen? Also, I checked the logs, but I don't see any way of tracking that particular event. Thanks!

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  • have you had any luck on figuring out why this happened ?

  • There should definitely be log file entries for that type of activity, and the one you would see it in is the Configuration Changes log. Now depending on how long it's been since those monitoring sets were wiped out, and how you have your log retention set for the configuration changes log, you might not have any info saved. Personally I keep that log info for 120 days for servers and 60 days for workstations.

    I don't know your comfort level with Kaseya so sorry if you already know this, but to see the Config Changes log you can go to Agent - Agent Logs, then click an agent name and select Configuration Changes from the drop down list. The default setting only shows about 3 days worth of logs, so be sure to bump your start date back a bit. To check your log retention settings, go to Agent - Log History and you can see how many days it's set to keep log entries for.

    If you don't find anything there, I would open a ticket with Support, maybe they can find something in the database or some other log files.