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Is this possible?

  • Hey,

    Got a new idea although I don't know it's possible.

    Lets say you are monitoring 20 different clients about their backup job status.

    Can't you create a dashboard view with the 20 clients in a row and at the start they all have a RED alarm by default.

    Then you keep monitoring on success events through windows event log or e-mail notifications, and if ithe success condition is met, you turn the alarm GREEN for that specific client.

    Now you get an overview of which clients are successfull and in the meantime you see exactly which back-ups failed or didn't inform you.

    So I is it possible to set the alarm on RED by default, until a condition is met and then it's turned on GREEN?




  • I actually don't know try Kaseya Support?

  • Is it even possible to create an alarm from an e-mail?

  • It's possible. I once setup the custom log parser to parse the exchange message tracking log, in which alarms could be triggered based on sender, recpt, subject and delivery status. It isn't very effecient as every alarm/trigger is a complete one off. The trigger I did would reboot a server.

  • I can suggest you TWO ways that may not what you want but these are the perfect way to monitor backups to ..*n* number of machines

    1. Set up email alerts for backup and click appropriate box e.g. any backup fails, any backup completes, full backup complete etc. This way you can monitor your backups while you are travelling by getting email notification on your HH.

    2. Set up backup report and schedule it to run daily at a specific time. So you will get email with all bakcups passed/failed/skipped etc. There will also be a reason for failure or backup skipped which will be helpful in fixing