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monitor set exchange 2003 (VM total free blocks)

  • Hi,


    I applied a monitor set with following  alarm als result.

    SNMP Device: N/A
    Monitor Set: Exchange 2003 Full Monitoring counter
    Type: Counter
    Log Object Name: MSExchangeIS: VM Total Free Blocks
    Agent Alarm Time: 22:55:24  16-Feb-11
    Event Time: 21:55:24  16-Feb-11 UTC
    Log Value: 235
    Alarm Operator: Under
    Alarm Threshold: 1000 VM Total Free Blocks
    Alarm Duration: 5 Minute(s)
    Ticket ID: no ticket assigned

    A few client have this alarm.

    My question is now: 

    1.  is the alarm threshold under 1000 a good treshold ?
    2.  if you are below the threshold how to resolve it?
  • Too high - the recommendation is that this should never be less than 1. Have a read of the white paper found here - it's all good stuff but pages 47 -50 are relevant to exchange VM counters


    Short term you'd resolve this with a reboot. Long term lower load and look at the following KB article to optimize your memory settings.