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False Positives

  • Hello All,


    I'm having a lot of false possitives where my servers drop off line for about 15 min then reappear. I've already submitted a ticket with Kaseya and waiting, but wondered if anyone else had this issue. It appears to be centered around the scheduler being busy at the time with scripts. any one have something like this?


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  • yeah we have the same problem - i have a ticket open too. For no reason servers go offline and then come back then off again and so on.

    We did notice yesterday that i had been working on a number of servers and I had been using live connect and then smoe time later all of these servers started to report as offline not at the same time. And the servers were fine previous to me connecting with live connect.

  • in case the system is busy with scripts, check your SQL server performance. I have had this problem too, and is created by Kserver not accepting any connections because the sql server is busy.

    check the scripts like patch scan and audits. When a lot of them are scheduled about the same time, the sql server is to busy processing the results of theses scans.

  • I agree with Tjibbe, in my experience this is what was going on.  I had too many audits going on at the same time, on a server that was hovering around the minimum specifications for the amount of agents we were running.  Since upgrading to 6 and upgrading the server (infact splitting off the SQL entirely) we have not seen this problem.

    So check your distributions and make sure there are no massive spikes (Agent Prodcedures> Distribution).

    Also remoting on to the an agent does produce extra work on the KServer front end.

    If however, the server is not running near full capacity then it is possible there is a network problem between the endpoint and your K Server.  (i.e. too many dropped packets causing agent off line).

    Just my 2p.

  • Yeah I have seen this in the past however in my case the trail of servers going offline followed the pattern of me live connecting to them - the lads were mailing me saying were you on box X and I would say  yeah 20 minutes ago and the only fix was restart the agent or just wait so in my case I really am thinking it has something to do with liveconnect causing problems on the agent.

  • We have an open ticket with the devs now with the same issue.  Fixed all the SQL performance issues, upgraded all the agents to and redistributed all the Patch Scans/Audits and there are a handful of agents still dropping offline that we have to go in from another box and restart the agent to get them back online.  We havent found a common thread yet so I am hoping they either hotfix it or put a fix in the SP1 release next week.

  • @mmartin - I had the same issue of the KLC in the past killing my agents, but after a few Hot Fixes and agent updates this seems to have all but stopped.

    @Tjibbe Buijsman - Thanks, I didn't think about my SQL. It's currently separated off as it's own server but it's serving 2 instances of Kaseya DB on it, one for our Managed Customers and the other for our Co-managed customers. (We do a margin of "Down Stream IT" and can't incorporate them into our psa b/c they are still working on a solution that will meet our needs for "Down-stream IT")