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SNMP monitor set for Watchguard applicances in G1

  • Does anyone have the SNMP monitoring working for Watchguard devices?

    If so do you fancy sharing the SNMP objects and sets and things?


    I'm struggling to get it working here.

    This is for G1


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  • I dont have any, but what tool are you using to discover the objects you want to monitor?

    getif can be used to poll the device and its free. When  you install it, make sure the relevant mibs (watchguard provides them on a disc / i can email them to you if you pm me your email address) into the right directory.

    Its alot to explain but basically

    1. install getif

    2. put mibs into C:\program...\getif\mibs

    3. run getif, poll device

    4.. open mbrowser, click start

    it will show every single object that is available for monitoring.

    Then use kaseya to put your mibs up and in. I add the oids through monitoring > monitor lists. The SNMP tree is useless at the best of times.

    I am creating temperature sets for hp g1-6 series, all dell poweredge and ibm servers at the moment, there is a bug with SNMP though thats with development so i can't release them until they are done.

    Sorry this isn't really an answer, more advice.

    If you are monitoring watchguard, i'd like at chassis temp, fans working, hdd stuff (they use flash cards but will still report some form of SMART errors) then see what you can get out of intrusion detection logs etc.

    Let me know how you go.