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Monitor Set Best Practices

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Quick question for those experienced Kaseya guys out there:

Is it acceptable to have a monitor set that combines counters, services, and processes together, or should each be a seperate set? For example, I want to create an Exchange 2007 monitor set. Would it be better to create an Exchange 2007 Counters, Exchange 2007 Services, etc. or just one set with all the tabs filled in with items? My first inclination to is to do the latter, but I'm not sure how this affects reporting and alarms, if at all.


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  • I would guess it depends on what you're monitoring for... I do have my Exchange monitors (counters etc) lumped up into one set, I've also done this for my IIS and BlackBerry monitor sets... I've seen no ill affects from doing this. However I have had issues with drive monitors, if you set 2 threshholds for the same monitor (ie a 500 mb and a 1024 mb free space) I've seen a bunch of false positives...

  • Agree with Thirteentwenty, no ill effects except for drive space monitors (especially if try to use the *ALL instance).

    We have lumped Exchange and a few others into one large monitor set.