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Untangle Integration

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We have just installed the untangle SNMPsets, assigned them to an agent to monitor our untangle box.

However the Untangle Server SNMP set does not appear to be working. (The Linux SNMPset from untangle works fine)

They keep saying SNMP Monitor not responding.

Has anyone managed to install these & get them working properly?

It's entirely likely we're overlooking something here, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.




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  • Has anyone managed this yet?

    We have started thinking about running apache/cacti (and/or look into ntop) on a spare linux machine to get the monitoring working.

  • The untangle snmp sets are not working correctly.


  • Oh good, I was wondering if it was just me or not.

    Hopefully they will get this sorted out soon.

  • folks what is Untangle like is it any good...

    Where do you see the benefits from using it - I downloaded it some time ago but did not really get it off the ground.

  • Have Untangle/Kaseya fixed these issues & released a patch/update for it yet?

  • Its just an Untangle issue.  You would want to keep tabs on that bug report.

  • Has anyone heard any further updates on Untangle fixing their SNMPsets yet?

    The last comment on teh bugzilla report is Coldfirex's - way back on 2010-04-21!!

    It would be fantastic to get this actually working, as we run untangle both internally and on several customers sites, and would love to be able to get some integrated reporting working.