Hi All, 

I am getting into some pretty advanced SNMP / SAN stuff, 

We monitor a Dell SAN, a pretty "entry level" one, that isn't great for reporting, but we get by.

Attached to the SAN are 2 fiber SAN Switches, i configured SNMP, and i've done a walk on it, it returns 200,000+ OIDS

I must say, for those of you who understand SNMP, realize that most SNMP Walks might return 5 - 10,000 objects. 200,000 is unprecedented.

The OID's being returned are from RND Networks, I had never heard of them til today. I assume DELL rebadges these switches.

What on earth in a SAN switch should be monitoring if some many values are returned? I promise i will share the DELL SAN SWITCH Monitor set when i create it. 

At the moment, i will be looking at FAN, TEMP, IFErrors, but i'd like to know what the other 199,997 OIDS do ?

Anyone had advanced SAN SWITCH configuration experience?

I consider myself to be advanced when it comes to SNMP so don't be afraid to "talk shop" Or maybe a discussion out of this forum is in order?