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Maintenance Mode

  • Hi Jeff

    On the maintenance mode discussion we had in the KIC webinar today I would like the option to:-

    1) Have an add hoc maintenance: i.e. Apply now for a period of nn hours/minutes

    2) Have a Scheduled maintenance: i.e. Apply at 10:00 pm every day for nn period of time.

    We need to be able to apply maintenance against:-

    • Specific Machine
    • Group of Machines
    • Catagory of Machines (All SQL etc)

    Also need the option to only apply maintenance agaisnt a specific set of monitors. i.e. Maintenance mode for Exchange shoudl stop alerts from Exchnage but allow you to continue monitoring Base OS, for example.

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  • Sounds like the idea is two fold

    1. Have a maintenance period / category that can be assigned
    2. Each alert inside of the monitor group can have the alarms ignored when the selected maintenance period (for that category) is active


    1. Go to the lists of maintenance categories. Add a new one called "Backups" that is scheduled for 12:00 - 2:00 AM
    2. Go to the monitor groups. Edit basic machine health. Under disk utilization, mark the "disable alarms for maintenance period" and select the "backups"

    When backups run, the alarms that would be generated for disk utilization are ignored.

    I suppose an add-on to this scenario is to have the maintenance period automatically enabled for that machine whenever the backup scripts are run.

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