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2 Monitor sets for same counter

  • I've got 2 Monitor sets that look at the same counter (Drive space Free Megabytes). One is set to warn me at 5 gigs, and the other is set for 800 megs... The 5 gig is a friendly reminder that we should take a look at it blah blah blah... the 800 meg is a hey get off your butt and do something about it.

    Under K2008 it was working fine, I've migrated up to K2... had some issues with the Monitors that were fixed, it took a bit but Ksupport did find the issue, After a long night of rebuilding the monitor sets, and redeploying them on the servers, I am now getting false positives on the lower (800 meg) warnings...

    Has anyone else noticed this, or does anyone else have a different way of monitoring this type of thing?

    I'm open to suggestions. I don't want to push my luck with Ksupport... We're just starting to get along again!

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  • If you go to the Monitor Log page, and expand the counters for the 800 meg monitoring set, is it showing the correct values for Alarm Threshold? I had an issue on my disk space monitoring sets that I was using to monitor for free disk space below 7%. I was getting alerted at 15% and below, and when checking the monitoring log page I could see that all my settings in the monitoring set were being completely ignored, and for some reason it was using 15% as the alert threshold. Support looked into it and found a bunch of junk data in my Kserver's database (not sure if it was from the migration to K2 or what). Once they cleaned that out, the monitoring set started working correctly.

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  • Good call, no it's not showing the correct threshholds. Actually the 800MB set is the only one that shows the free MB, and that's showing incorrectly, the general set only shows % Free space.

    I've got 2 monitors

    For the sake of being lazy I'm truncating some of this...

    Drive space
    looks for 40% (which is working correctly)
    looks for 5120 MB free space (not working at all)

    Critical Drive Space
    looks for 800 MB free space
    This one is showing the threshhold being 5120 so it's working but not correct.

    So I guess its ticket time Sad

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  • Here's my ticket number if you'd like to reference it: CS010438.

    This is what I was told the final resolution was, and did seem to fix it on my end:

    "The reason for this not to work is that for some reasons, you have many invalid "counterInstance" names for the "LogicalDisk" counter object.

    One example of the "counterInstance" is like: E:\Program Files\DPM\Volumes\Replica\WHITE_DELL380.mec.theshopconsulting.com\File System\D-1cb09727-47f2-11da-8ba8-806d6172696f"

    This kind of counterInstance causes the deployment to bail considering it as invalid.

    I have cleaned up all the invalid data for you and fix the Monitorset and it has been automatically redeployed to the machine which it currently assigned to : ats13.atsapplied.root"

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